Canberra 2013. Radius.

Canberra 2013. Radius.

I find myself coming up here way too often.
Up here it’s still and silent unlike antithetical environment on the floor below.

I’m guessing you’re starting to get bored of these photos of an empty lot.

This may be my last photo for a while, i’m moving house this weekend. So that means i wont have internet access for a few weeks.

I may have a whole pictures to show you when i’m back.

2 thoughts on “Canberra 2013. Radius.”

  1. Very happy to have stumbled across you. A lot of your shots, much like this one, remind me of the work by Jeffrey Smart. Envious of the aesthetic uv managed to master, look forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks mate! Always makes me feel all good inside when someone likes my stuff!
      With my colour work I do draw inspiration from Jeff’s work! I’m a huge fan.

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