Self Portrait.2013.

Self Portrait.2013.

Now that i think about it this is the first photo i’ve ever put up of myself.

I write about my feelings and fears but i don’t really talk about myself.
This is me.
I struggle to really talk about myself, even now i’m hesitant to write.

I guess i could start with something i’ve noticed about myself recently.

I can’t stand ego’s, hate them. Working where i do has really taught me some restraint. Dealing with people all day and being confronted with ego’s almost every hour.

I’ve realised i’ve become tolerable of an ego.
That’s not to say they don’t get under my skin, i still feel the chains of my restraint crack when you get that condescending half smile, half look as they brush you off while you offer them a hand.
I’ve come a long way from my younger self, the younger man would have simply replied” go fuck yourself” with an equally condescending look.

Is this growing up? Patience is a virtue i suppose.
I’d rather my daughter see me this way, being tolerable. To a point of course, i won’t let myself become a pushover. Patience is the key.

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