Self portrait. 2007.

Self portrait. 2007.

This photo defeats the purpose of this blog.
The photo is of a much younger me, i’m nineteen in this image.

The photo is one of the first portraits i ever took of myself. At age nineteen i decided i wanted to photograph stuff. No direction, just young and naive.
I’ve been taking photos off and on for 6 years, when i say “off and on” i mean very rarely, the longest gap between photos at one point was 10 months.
Thats the reason why whenever in my bio’s i only say around 2-3 years, collectively thats about how much time i would have put in the past 6 years. It’s only the past 2-3 years i’ve gained a purpose to my work and as an artist.
I slowed right down when i moved to sydney at age twenty, which i regret.
Knowing and feeling the way i do now i would have had a camera with me at all times.
From the beaches of Maroubra to the kitchen of an italian man who had a hanging of assorted cheeses in Broadway, i would have gotten some great memories to show Charli.

But like i was saying it defeats the purpose, this blog is to represent an older man. Not a younger boy. No longer a boy but a man with direction. I talk about what “an older man” is in this post
Maybe i’m just over thinking, lost in reminiscent thoughts.

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