Overlapping Memories

Memories are an ongoing theme of my work, I think they’re fascinating, and a large motivation for me initially when I decided to shoot film photography was that physical representation of my memories.
Certain memories are so vivid in my mind still, like the seeing my daughters faces for the first time, or the first kiss I shared with my wife. Distinct emotional events that shape my life.

It’s why I’m finding joy going through these backlogs of undeveloped…..memories. The below images, I can’t recall exactly when I took them, other than the fact this would have been around 2019. What is distinct is I do recall how this double exposure set happened. I remember one of my favorite cameras jammed up and stopped working. I removed the roll and loaded it into another one I had on hand.

Although the emotional impact here isn’t really comparable to the before mentioned memories, I think for me it’s acted as a reminder as to how much I enjoy this process. To lose one my favorite tools was disappointing enough for it to register in my memory.

More Old Memories

Another roll from 2019. I remember a majority of these images come from a post lockdown outing. We are fortunate enough to live close to the coast and bushland.
I think I’ve got a bit of a posting rhythm now and as I start to build up my motivation again you should see some content regularly pop up here.
Oh, and merry Christmas and happy holidays.