I’ve been considering this for some time now. Going back to square one, i’ve started again.

This place will become my primary source for all my work, my new home. 

Some of my older stuff will eventually be brought over here, a lot of it wont. Most of it isn’t me anymore. Things that are still “relevant” will be brought over for example “forty days”.

So come in, make yourself comfortable and i hope you enjoy some of my photographs.

Also i should mention, this blog will be tied to my tumblr for a while. Only a few months so if any of my followers would like to follow feel free to follow the links.



2 thoughts on “New.”

    1. I just wanted to start fresh.
      I wanted to be somewhere that i don’t a ton of work and followers. I feel like my older stuff isn’t me anymore and i want to leave it behind.
      An almost complete restart.
      I’ll still keep my tumblr so i can keep update with what you guys are up to and i’ll have this and the tumblr connected for a while too.

      We’re due for a coffee soon my friend 🙂

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