A familiar scene. 2014. Nowra.

A familiar scene. 2014. Nowra.

As i pulled the trigger on this picture i was taking in my surroundings.
Grass under my bare feet, the warm muggy weather calling in an impending storm, the smell of manildra spewing the sickening smell of yeast across the town and the sweet sound of someone screaming their guts out down the road about how someone is a “fwuk wih!”.

Rolling all these sensations into one i found i was flooded with some sense of nostalgia, i had spent the first eighteen years of my life here after all.

I guess in a few years i’ll feel the same way about Canberra, some sense of home.

We’ve been here for four years now, we’ve made some friends here who will be always be our friends. We’ve had some amazing opportunities here and most memorably our daughter was born here.

Sadly it’s time we say goodbye to Canberra, Melbourne will be our new home in the coming weeks.

Thank you to all our friends here in Canberra you will all be missed dearly.

Unless you know…..you move to Melbourne to. Do it. HA!

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