Something was said to me recently that actually cut through and stuck.

A friend said to me,

” Think back to all the times you’ve been in situations like this, when have you ever failed?”.

The answer was……….I haven’t.

Am i shifting my state of mind? By default I’m filled with a lot doubt about what I’m capable of, what i know and what i can do.  Self esteem through the floor, usually. Although i tend to display confidence, it’s usually superficial. I don’t take compliments. I can’t.

But, that stuck.

The question is…….am i afraid of letting go of my insecurities? As odd as that sounds i have found that my doubt is what drives me to do better. Am i afraid of becoming too comfortable and then slipping?

Perhaps, or perhaps it’s time for me to let go.

This photo currently sums up my current feelings, flawed, yet me.


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