Food and my thoughts.

So as i type this i’m going through a batch of photos i took a few days ago.

I worked¬†a small job for the colleague i attend, a graduates ceremony. An hour in i feel regretful, I haven’t done a job like this in years.

I’ve never really liked to do work for other people,photography is my creative outlet. It’s the way i express myself and over the past few years that’s really ¬†solidified.

The photo below is the only photo i took for myself and the only photo i’m happy with, i won’t be doing this again.


Happy 2014.

Happy 2014.

So it’s been awhile since i’ve uploaded a photo.
I’ve had no spare time at all. I take my Pentax to work but have only had very small moments to use it. I’ve been sitting on this one roll for about a month.

So most of the next few shots will be from around the mall again. Trying to find something within my surroundings and trying to make something from it.

Happy new years everybody.

Fear is the hand that pulls your strings.

Fear is the hand that pulls your strings.

I was talking to a friend about this moment.
This is the first photo i took when i came to in Westmead hospital after a major bleed.

I’ve haven’t bled that much since i was a child, i almost died again.
When i woke i had my camera on my bedside table, a nikon f60 that my mother had given me when i was nineteen.
My wife had left it for me, the clock read 4:27am. I had to walk.

I detached my drip and slung it over my shoulder. I remember it being so quite, just the hum of machines.

Collecting my thoughts, i didn’t know who i was anymore. A week later i had a nervous breakdown. Not many people noticed, i was afraid.

This was the end of the younger and the beginning of an older man.
Today is the two year anniversary.